Wall Art Size Guide

We have 3 size guides: Vertical, Horizontal, and Square. Scroll down to see more.

Luxuriance Designs Wall Art Vertical Size Guide

Luxuriance Designs Wall Art Horizontal Size Guide

Luxuriance Designs Wall Art Square Size Guide

Most of our artworks are produced from 16x24in (40x60cm) to 45x60in (110x150cm). Some of them can even be printed up to 48x64in (120 x 160cm).

We’re not like other poster companies who use 210 or 360 gsm canvas. Our artworks are printed on artist-grade 410 gsm thick cotton canvas, ensuring incredible detail.

You don’t need to worry about the ink either. Our thermal inkjet printers use the latest chromolithography technology with UL-Certified Greenguard Gold ink, creating vibrant multi-color prints while preserving air quality.

These pigment inks are waterproof and UV resistant, ensuring lifetime durability.